My Story

I learned at an early age that laughter can heal wounds that are beneath the surface.

Charles Hackett
Charles Hackett

One day I was told my father was dying of Prostate cancer and needed to go on Hospice. I said to myself, I wanted to make him laugh everyday single day while he could. I took a comedy class for a few weeks and there is where I found my voice to help me through his dying process. I said ” Dad I’m gonna talk about your kids, he said do it” that’s how I started my comedy career 2013. My father was able to see me preform my first 5 minutes before he died from his hospital bed. That’s when I knew laughter was the best medicine.

A smile is a ice breaker that can carry you through a world of pain. I went through this process for my healing….. When I perform my shows are dedicated to making people smile…..

“I come from a large family of 8, I just happen to be the largest one!”

I’ve been seen at Ventura Harbor Comedy Club, Ice House, Flappers, World famous Comedy Store Hollywood and Oxnard Performing Arts and host of private parties.

How and why I love standup comedy!